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Shop by Brand


Shop by Brand extension creates separate appealing pages for brands presented in your store and link to them from a brand thumbnails. You can also customize the pages for certain specific attributes such as "color", "size", "country of origin" as you want.

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USD 89.00


Shop by Brand extension for Magento enables you to create separate pages for brands presented in your store and link to them from product pages, thus making it easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific brands. Instead of brands names you can use any category relevant to your store - such as manufacturers, artists, authors, etc. The extension can be applied to any number of single-select attributes simultaneously, so your customers can shop by multiple attributes. So, for example, you can have Shop By Brands, Shop By Color, Shop By Collection and etc. at the same time. This solution has been successfully used by a great number of major online stores for years and it's now available for Magento!


  • Automatically fills out the list of Brands, you don't have to do it manually;
  • Creates a neat list of all Brands in alphabetical order;
  • Brand could be set as "Featured Brand", which will be displayed as the a rolling slider at the top of "Shop by Brand" Page;
  • Build a separate page for every single-select attributes, including brand presented in your store;
  • Support Layered Navigation;
  • Allows shoppers to filter products by brand, with a categories sidebar shown on the page as well;
  • Allows for displaying brands only from the current category in the sidebar block;
  • Upload image for each brand at the backend;
  • Allow visitors to filter products by Manufacturers;
  • Easy SEO for Brand pages;
  • 100% SEO friendly URLs;
  • Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated;
  • Easy to install, just copy and run;
  • Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to customize;
  • Comes with User Manual and Installation Guide;
  • Powerful tools to manage all the extensions.

Backend Features:

  • Enable/Disable the extension in one option
  • Setting for the width/height of the Features images
  • Support uploading feature image for specific attribute
  • Support all type of attributes

System Requirements:

  •  Compatible with Magento 1.3, Magento 1.4, Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6, Magento 1.7 

Version 1.0.1 (released 2012-09-10)

The version is a minor update. The updates are as the followings:

  • Add "Featured Image Rolling Interval" settings to control the rolling speed of feature image;
  • Add option to disable the extension's jQuery to avoid conflication;
  • System configuration structure adjustments;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.0.0 (released 2012-04-21)

The product Shop by Brand released.

Customer Reviews

Really useful for customers

Review by Katherine (Posted on 12/31/12)

It is really userful for customers to navigate to a specific product if there are a great number of brands.
Logical and simple.

Review by Aadan (Posted on 11/11/12)

What I like about your approach is that it is logical and simple. I've been trying to think how to go about this for a rather complicated approach(lots of new fields and cross references programmingly). I was thinking of why do I always start with the most complicated approach. This extension helps me a log. Thanks
Great but some issues

Review by Jason (Posted on 9/16/12)

I am currently using the Shop by Brand extension, and I like it overall, but I’ve got some problems:

1. Does it support layered navigation. For example, when I select a brand, can I still get the price range like 0~100 USD, 101~500 USD for further filtering of the branded products?

2. How can I change the rolling speed of the brand thumbnails on top of the shop by brand page?

Support on these would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Great job

Review by Sonam (Posted on 7/12/12)

You're doing a great job Thomas. Thanks so much for your prompt reply and help to fix my problem.
Just what I need

Review by Judith (Posted on 6/25/12)

I'm the customers of MagentoGarden and was invited to write a review on the site. I want to say that they provide excellent services as well as very easy-to-use extension.

The Shop by Brand is just something I want for my big store (5000+products) which help the customers for easier navigation.

Review by Rene Estorges  (Posted on 6/3/12)

It is the first time I bought Magento extension from here and the "Shop by Brand" works like a charm! These guys are doing some awesome work. Keep it up.
Great Job

Review by Ryan Mayer (Posted on 5/25/12)

Fantastic, the best solution to shop by brands for Magento so far. Support was also very responsive. Great job.

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